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Alabama Hills Sunrise

The refreshing perspective of a new day.⠀

Large mountains are not climbed in a day; they're often broken into pieces and climbed over a short period. Yet along the way, a climber will reach the top of smaller peaks that offer renewed perspective and a sense of incremental achievement. That's last weekend for me. I'm on a journey to create a new company and bring a new product to market, and over the weekend we recorded the footage for our Kickstarter video. So many things had to come together to reach this incremental achievement that it really feels like the top... yet I know it's not. We have a lot left to do, but the achievement of this weekend gives me fresh perspective on what's ahead and a renewed sense of passion and energy for the next push.

@deadman_offroad Launching May 2017 #deadmansaves

AlabamaHillsSunriseDSC1029Alabama HillsMt WhitneySierrasSunrise